Friday, November 25, 2016

Google Sites Update...Finally

I've been blogging and experimenting with online publishing for over eight years. I've tried different platforms and evaluated their stong and weak points. My goal has been to find something that was easy to maintain and use. As my readers know I like to share photos, videos and at time a rant about the human condition. I want anything I publish to be of use to my readers.

Wordpress and Blogger seem to fill the needs for a blogging platform but up to now I was unhappy with Google Sites which was Google's website tool. It remained unchanged for years, but in late November they offered a completely new offering. It lost some features but its strong point is that it works on multiple screen, the desktop, tablet and smart phone. It has a simplified editor. I was disappointed that I couldn't figure how to make it my default landing page and I miss the gadgets that let me add RSS feeds, countdown timers and other gadgets but maybe they will be added at a later date. Where is the search box?

The new site has a clean look and I'm happy with that. It looks like this instead of this.  I plan to flesh out my site over the coming months. I'll report the progress in posts. Thanks for your readership

The URL for the new site is

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