Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daylight Savings Time (and its inverse)

For the love of God, please stop this madness with the clocks twice a year. I realize that we have just LEFT daylight savings time, but each transition is equally annoying. Why am I supposed to believe I "gained" an hour of sunshine when I watch it get dark at 5 PM? More sleep? my cat isn't fooled, she knows what is real, she is a CAT they know all kinds of stuff.

On Monday commuters will drive into solar glare, be blinded and smash into each other. That is not a trivial matter. I'll experience a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder  as I watch the sun set sometime in what used to be my afternoon.

I've reprogrammed most of the devices with the exception of the car radio, That requires a deep dive into the user manual. It is process that involves not only a button sequence but a twiddle of the volume control. Amazing eh?

This is going to be my generic complaint post about this stupidity. I'm posting it for autumn and will repost it in spring. My slogan "Hands off our clocks, no pun intended".

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