Sunday, July 31, 2016

Circle on the Cross

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"As of this time, no circle appears on the wall"

The diamonds and pluses (crosses) indicate whether a person is confirmed dead (those who died in accidents are included) or missing/whereabouts unknown. The diamond indicates a person's death was confirmed. The pluses (crosses) indicate that a person remains missing and unaccounted for and in no way are meant to be a religious symbol. A plus (cross) symbol can be easily turned into a diamond if a person is declared dead (such as the return of their remains). A circle (as a symbol of life) will be inscribed around the plus if the person comes back alive. As of this time, no circle appears on the wall. On the West wall the symbols precede the names, while on the East wall they follow the names.  

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The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. My childhood friend Fergus Connors Jr. is on the wall. Note the crosses next to the name Ralph E. Uhlmansiek and Quentin R. Beecher.

I learned of these symbols via a 2011 episode of Louie (Louie CK) called Duckling. Here is the song that Keni Thomas performed in that episode.

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