Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Family That Prays

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We had a nice jam last night. We always make a point of singing a few Louvin Brother's tunes and this was one of them.

Lew and Betty

The Family Who Prays Never Shall Part
Recorded by the Louvin Brothers
Written by Ira and Charlie Louvin
[3/4 time]

G                         C        G
The Family who prays will never be parted
Their circle in heaven unbroken shall stand
           G        C             G
God will say enter my good faithful servants
                    D7          G
The family who prays  never shall part

               C           G
Satan has parted fathers and mothers
Filling their hearts with his envy and hate
            G        C       G
Heading their pathways down to destruction
                          D7         G
Leaving their children like orphans to stray

Repeat #1

                     C          G
Wars and Tornadoes are taking our loved ones
Leaving us tearful with sad aching hearts
           G         C        G
But we shall join them over the river
                        D7          G
For the family who prays  never shall part

repeat #2

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