Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Beaver Trapping in New Ipswich

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UPDATE 6/16/2016

Traps near the culvert on Taylor Road were place on private posted property and have been removed. 

Please be aware that beaver traps have been set along the Souhegan river property on Taylor Road. The traps used are Conibear body  hold traps set in the water. They are more are powerful than a leg hold trap and can cause injury if accidently triggered. Ironically they are placed near land that is posted No Trapping. The neighbors in Smithville met with the select board with their concerns. The traps are set in the water near a path that the beavers transverse.

Sign on Taylor Road

Beaver Dam built on the Souhegan River (photo taken from the bridge on Goen Road)

Years ago when I worked in Massachusetts I encountered a dog with his foot caught in a leg hold trap. I didn't want to attempt to remove it for fear the dog would bleed out so I drove to the police station to find the nearest vet. I'm not a fan of this type of animal control given the hazard to other animals and children.

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