Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Violet and the Rose

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Lew Wilson sang this great tune at our last Bluegrass Jam. I had completely forgotten about it. I really liked the version that I had on an old Jim and Jesse recording. They sing it in the key of E, but I like to sing it in the key of A.

Recorded by Porter Wagoner and Skeeter Davis
Words and music by Bud Auge, Jimmy Dickens, John Reinfeld & Mel Tillis

[A] A violet fell in love with a [E] rose
And started it blushing from its head to its [A] toe
Then one day the rose was kiss-[A7] ed by the [D] dew
A new love was [A] born and the [E] violet turned [A] blue.

[A] Roses are red, violets are [D] blue
I'm sending [E] red, red roses to [A] you
If you care to send some [A7] flowers to [D] me
Then send me some [A] violets, I'm [E] blue as can [A] be.

I wanted, my love, to bouquet with you
But just like the rose, you've proven untrue
A flower that's wild, they say has no home
And just like the violet, I'm left all alone

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