Saturday, March 12, 2016

Supreme Court: Buck vs Bell

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"Three generations of imbeciles are enough". - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes 

This was a very disturbing story especially since the ruling has not been overturned. It is even more disturbing to think that the GOP is blocking any Supreme Court nominations until the next president is chosen even if it someone like Donald J Trump or Rafael Edward Cruz.

Wir stehen nicht allein

GROSS: So the 1927 Supreme Court decision that upheld a state's right to forcibly sterilize a man or a woman who was considered, you know, feebleminded and genetically unworthy to reproduce, you consider that decision one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. You acknowledge there's a lot of competition for that, but, why do you consider this one of the worst?
COHEN: Well, you know, if you start by just looking at all the human misery that was inflicted, about 70,000 Americans were sterilized as a result of this decision. So that's an awful lot of people who wanted to have children who weren't able to have children. Also we have to factor in all of the many people who were being segregated, who were being held in these institutions for, you know, eugenic reasons because they were feebleminded, whose lives unfolded living in places like the colony rather than living in freedom. Beyond the human effect, though, there was something just so ugly about this decision, and, you know, when you think about what we want the Supreme Court to be, what the founders wanted the Supreme Court to be, it was supposed to be our temple of justice - the place that people could go when all the other parts of our society, all of the parts of the government were not treating them right. So Carrie Buck, this poor woman who has been raped, who has been wrongly designated feebleminded, who has had her baby taken from her, who is being held as a prisoner in his horrible colony, goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we all know what the court should've done. Not only did it not do it, but the contempt that, you know, just dripped from this decision - three generations of imbeciles are enough, it's better for all the world, you know, if we sterilize more of these people. It just was a level of ugliness that I'm not sure we've really seen often the Supreme Court.

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