Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palms of Victory

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It's Palm Sunday! Hosanna in the highest

This is a classic bluegrass tune which have been borrowed for other tunes as so many others have been.

The Wayworn Traveler (Palms of Victory)

The original Carter Family recorded this song in 1936
Intro: Strum a few bars in G

Verse 1:
I (G) saw a wayworn traveler in (D) tattered garments (G) clad,
And struggling up the mountain, it seemed that (D) he was (G) sad.
His back was laden heavy, his (D) strength was almost (G) gone,
It shouted as he journeyed, ''Deliver(D)ance will(G)come!"
(G)Then palms of victory,(D)crowns of(G)glory,
Palms of victory(D) I shall wear.

Verse 2: Chords same as verse 1
The summer sun was shining, the sweat was on his brow,
His garments worn and dusty, his step seemed very slow.
But he kept pressing onward, for he was wending home,
Still shouting as he journeyed, "Deliverance will come!"
Carter pick last two lines of verse 1

Verse 3: chords same as verse 1
The songstress in the arbor, that stood beside the way,
Attracted his attention, inviting his delay.
His watchword being "Onward!" he stopped his ears and ran,
Still shouting as he journeyed, ''Deliverance will come!"

Verse 4: chords same as verse 1
While gazing on that city, just o'er that narrow flood
A band of holy angels came from the throne of God.
They bore him on their pinions, they bore the dashing foam,
And joined him in his triumph, "Deliverance has come!"

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