Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Max Hunter Collection

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Max Hunter was a traveling salesman from Springfield, Missouri, Hunter took his reel-to-reel tape recorder into the hills and backwoods of the Ozarks, preserving the heritage of the region by recording the songs and stories of many generations of Ozark history.My friend Sarah Jane Nelson is raising money to write a book about his project.

Sarah at a local music jam in Jaffrey, NH

Max Hunter Collection (Missouri State)

Here is an example from these recordings, a cheery tune called Babes in the Woods

My dear, don't you know
Along time ago
There were two little babes
Whose names I don't know
They were strollin' away
On a fair summer day
They were left in the woods
I've heard people say

When it was night
So sad, was their plight
Th sun had gone down
An' the moon gave no light
They sobbed an' they sighed
An' they bitterly cried
Then th poor little babes
They laid down an' died

When they were dead
The little robins so red
Brought Strawberry leaves
A n' over them spread
All th day long
They sang them this song
Poor babes in th woods
Poor babes in th woods
An' don't you remember
The babes in the woods

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