Wednesday, March 30, 2016

La Bamba

I was always a fan of this song since Richie Valens had a hit with it 1958. His luck ran out when he won the coin toss that put him on the plane that crashed on February 3, 1959, The Day The Music Died.

However my favorite version of the song is this recording published by the organization Playing for Change. Their mission is connecting the world through music which may be our only hope.

I've included lyrics which might be somewhat accurate. Enjoy.

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia pa mi pa ti
Y, arriba arriba
Ay, arriba y arriba, por ti seré
Por ti seré
Por ti seré
Yo no soy marinero
Yo no soy marinero, soy capitán
Soy capitán
Soy capitán
Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia pa mi pa ti
Ay, Arriba, y arriba
R-r-r-r-r, ha ha!
Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia pa mi pa ti
Ay, Arriba y arriba
Y arriba y arriba, por ti seré
Por ti seré
Por ti seré

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Morning In May

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This is my favorite rendition of this traditional tune with a great arrangement by Carol Elizabeth Jones and Lauel Bliss.I've been a fan of Carol Elizabeth Jones for some time and strongly recommend seeking out her albums which inexplicably are not available as downloads on either Amazon or Google Play.

I added the lyrics(and chords) as performed by James Taylor which vary a bit from this rendition. However that is usually the case with older tunes. There is no "official" version. The lyrics have been traced back to the 17th century under various names including The Nightingale and The Grenadier and the Lady. Sing and play along with your own version, that is the folk process.

One Morning In May

One morning, one morning, one morning in May [ A G D A ]
I spied a young couple, they were making their way [ A G D E ]
One was a maiden, so bright and so fair [ A F#m D A ]
and the other was a soldier and a brave volunteer [ A D E A ]

"Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning," said he [ A G D A ]
"And where are you going, My pretty lady?" [ A G D E ]
"I'm going out a-walking on the banks of the sea [ A F#m D A ]
Just to see the waters rise and hear the Nightingale sing." [ A D E A ]

Now they had not been standing but a minute or two [ A G D A ]
When out of his knapsack a fiddle he drew [ A G D E ]
And the tune that he played made the valleys all ring [ A F#m D A ]
"O hark," cried the maiden, "hear the Nightingale sing." [ A D E A ]

"O maiden, fair maiden, it's time to give o'er." [ A G D A ]
"O no, kind soldier, please play one tune more [ A G D E ]
For I'd rather hear your fiddle at the touch of one string [ A F#m D A ]
Than to see the waters rise and hear the Nightingale sing." [ A D E A ]

"O soldier, kind soldier, will you marry me?" [ A G D A ]
"O no, pretty maiden, that never shall be; [ A G D E ]
I've a wife now in London and children twice three [ A F#m D A ]
Two wives and the army's too many for me." [ A D E A ]

"Well, I'll go back to London and I'll stay there for a year [ A G D A ]
It's often that I'll think of you, my little dear [ A G D E ]
And if ever I return, it will be in the spring [ A F#m D A ]
Just to see the waters rise and hear the Nightingale sing [ A D E A ]
To see the waters rise and hear the Nightingale sing." [ A D E A ]

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Lights Are Growing Dim

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I learn some great songs from Lew and Betty Wilson at our music jams.
This one has everything you need to feel sad and forlorn. Enjoy.

The Lights Are Growing Dim 
Harvie June Van

For you the lights are brightly shining,
For me the lights are growing dim.

And I can hear my maker calling,
From the pearly walls within

l know you've always loved another,
My chance for happiness was slim

For you the lights are brightly shining
For me the lights are growing dim.


Now I'll no longer be a burden,
And so my loss will be your gain

And I'll no longer need your love dear,
For where I'm going there'll be no pain.

God has taken all my trouble ,
Cause he knew I couldn't win.

For you the lights are brightly shining ,
For me the lights are growing dim.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rum - Make America Great Again

Set of 6 Kraken Rum Shot Glass Set Collection

I'll confess, this is not an original idea. Someone posted a photo of a modified bumper sticker on Facebook. I don't have a bumper sticker, but I do have photoshop.

If for some reason we elect this buffoon as President, all of us are going to need a lot of rum to deaden our brains.

Rum was an integral part of the slave trade in America

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I blew my damn leg off

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Tannerite - Mix It, Shake It Shoot It

Tannerite is a binary explosive. It consists of two packages, one contains the oxidizer ammonium nitrate and the other contains the fuel aluminum powder. When mixed together they will explode if impacted by a high-velocity bullet impact. 

It is legal because neither material is explosive by itself. However people being people tend to do foolish things with it, adding incendiary chemicals or being too close to the explosion as this guy did.

The FBI is concerned about the stuff being used by terrorists and they have issued an advisory to the private sector.

Here in New Ipswich, NH we hear an occasional tannerite explosion. It may be legal but we are not as rural as some people may think.

"As with firearms, cannons, stereos, etc. Just because you can own and use them, doesn’t mean that you are immune to charges of “Disturbing the peace” and other such acts. Use common sense and respect adjoining property owner’s right to tranquility. If you live in a congested area, don’t shoot Tannerite® there. Drive to a safe and remote location for your shooting exercise." - Source Website

Famous Last Words - "Hey, watch this"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm in the market for a mobile phone

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I'm tired of paying for a land line, perhaps I should cut over to a mobile phone. I've gone to Lewis Black for advice

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dangerous Ends

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"Once considered a problem confined to large urban areas, the abuse of heroin and other opioids like prescription painkillers has become the number one public-health issue across New Hampshire. Three hundred twenty five people died of drug overdoses in the state last year, a 40 percent increase over 2013. State officials fear 2015 could be worse.
Meanwhile, the state’s underfunded network of treatment facilities can’t handle the number of people seeking help to overcome addiction.
Over the next year, NHPR will explore New Hampshire’s opioid crisis from several angles. A team of reporters will explain how people become addicted,  how prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycodone contribute to the rise in heroin use, and how state officials, from the governor to local police, are struggling with an epidemic that now kills more Granite Staters each year than traffic accidents."  
 SERIES: Dangerous Ends on New Hampshire Public Radio
Walkers gathered Saturday at Nashua's Greeley Park to raise awareness of the Opioid problem in New Hampshire

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Purfect Patsy

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I forgot to post something for Caturday, so I'm catching up now
featuring Sebastian (the cat) Felix (the dog) and Popovich (the clown)

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Palms of Victory

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It's Palm Sunday! Hosanna in the highest

This is a classic bluegrass tune which have been borrowed for other tunes as so many others have been.

The Wayworn Traveler (Palms of Victory)

The original Carter Family recorded this song in 1936
Intro: Strum a few bars in G

Verse 1:
I (G) saw a wayworn traveler in (D) tattered garments (G) clad,
And struggling up the mountain, it seemed that (D) he was (G) sad.
His back was laden heavy, his (D) strength was almost (G) gone,
It shouted as he journeyed, ''Deliver(D)ance will(G)come!"
(G)Then palms of victory,(D)crowns of(G)glory,
Palms of victory(D) I shall wear.

Verse 2: Chords same as verse 1
The summer sun was shining, the sweat was on his brow,
His garments worn and dusty, his step seemed very slow.
But he kept pressing onward, for he was wending home,
Still shouting as he journeyed, "Deliverance will come!"
Carter pick last two lines of verse 1

Verse 3: chords same as verse 1
The songstress in the arbor, that stood beside the way,
Attracted his attention, inviting his delay.
His watchword being "Onward!" he stopped his ears and ran,
Still shouting as he journeyed, ''Deliverance will come!"

Verse 4: chords same as verse 1
While gazing on that city, just o'er that narrow flood
A band of holy angels came from the throne of God.
They bore him on their pinions, they bore the dashing foam,
And joined him in his triumph, "Deliverance has come!"

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Open letter to Senator Ayotte and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

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Senators, I am only asking that you carry out your constitutional duties by VOTING for or against Obama's nominee. If you fail to do this with some vague "wish of the people" pipe dream, you may get to vote for President Trump's pick which might be Judge Judy.

I don't think it too much to ask you as elected members of Congress to DO YOUR JOB.

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Max Hunter Collection

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Max Hunter was a traveling salesman from Springfield, Missouri, Hunter took his reel-to-reel tape recorder into the hills and backwoods of the Ozarks, preserving the heritage of the region by recording the songs and stories of many generations of Ozark history.My friend Sarah Jane Nelson is raising money to write a book about his project.

Sarah at a local music jam in Jaffrey, NH

Max Hunter Collection (Missouri State)

Here is an example from these recordings, a cheery tune called Babes in the Woods

My dear, don't you know
Along time ago
There were two little babes
Whose names I don't know
They were strollin' away
On a fair summer day
They were left in the woods
I've heard people say

When it was night
So sad, was their plight
Th sun had gone down
An' the moon gave no light
They sobbed an' they sighed
An' they bitterly cried
Then th poor little babes
They laid down an' died

When they were dead
The little robins so red
Brought Strawberry leaves
A n' over them spread
All th day long
They sang them this song
Poor babes in th woods
Poor babes in th woods
An' don't you remember
The babes in the woods

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Supreme Court: Buck vs Bell

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"Three generations of imbeciles are enough". - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes 

This was a very disturbing story especially since the ruling has not been overturned. It is even more disturbing to think that the GOP is blocking any Supreme Court nominations until the next president is chosen even if it someone like Donald J Trump or Rafael Edward Cruz.

Wir stehen nicht allein

GROSS: So the 1927 Supreme Court decision that upheld a state's right to forcibly sterilize a man or a woman who was considered, you know, feebleminded and genetically unworthy to reproduce, you consider that decision one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. You acknowledge there's a lot of competition for that, but, why do you consider this one of the worst?
COHEN: Well, you know, if you start by just looking at all the human misery that was inflicted, about 70,000 Americans were sterilized as a result of this decision. So that's an awful lot of people who wanted to have children who weren't able to have children. Also we have to factor in all of the many people who were being segregated, who were being held in these institutions for, you know, eugenic reasons because they were feebleminded, whose lives unfolded living in places like the colony rather than living in freedom. Beyond the human effect, though, there was something just so ugly about this decision, and, you know, when you think about what we want the Supreme Court to be, what the founders wanted the Supreme Court to be, it was supposed to be our temple of justice - the place that people could go when all the other parts of our society, all of the parts of the government were not treating them right. So Carrie Buck, this poor woman who has been raped, who has been wrongly designated feebleminded, who has had her baby taken from her, who is being held as a prisoner in his horrible colony, goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we all know what the court should've done. Not only did it not do it, but the contempt that, you know, just dripped from this decision - three generations of imbeciles are enough, it's better for all the world, you know, if we sterilize more of these people. It just was a level of ugliness that I'm not sure we've really seen often the Supreme Court.

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