Sunday, April 5, 2015

The End of the Internet

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It took some time with thousands of files, music, photos and spam mail but I finally hit the wall with my free storage on Google. The same thing  is happening on the hard drive which edging toward full capacity.

My whole life is like this, a cellar and attic full of stuff. So much stuff. I know I am in trouble when I buy more storage bins to hold the stuff I never plan to use.

Gmail stores all the mail you send and receive which is the reason that Hillary didn't use it. My mailbox is a mess. I have offers from Nigeria for millions of dollars, political newsletters from 2008 etc. You probably have the same problem don't you?

So what should I do? 100GB for 2 bucks a month seems like a good bargain. Ten bucks a month for a full terabyte seems even better.

I'm such a Google fanboy that they are always my first choice for technology. However the folks at Amazon give me money when folks buy stuff from the links on my blogs. I like Amazon so much that I signed up for Prime, which seemed silly at first but they keep adding stuff like this:


It's like finding a warehouse of storage bins. The unlimited photos is amazing considering that it includes some RAW formats (Nikon, Canon, DNG, TIFF, PNG).  I realize that just as I reached the end of the internet, I found a wormhole to another dimension.

Time to get that Yottabyte of stuff uploaded.

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