Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday to my blog

They grow up so quickly. Back in 2007 I decided to launch a blog as a personal soapbox. A place where I could share silly and serious videos, commentary on the human condition and political stuff (mostly satire).

This was in contrast to my other blog which mostly features photography and local events. Thanks to Google for providing these tools. I make a few dollars doing this when folks use the Amazon links on the page. I made an attempt to enlarge my audience by writing for which paid me about a penny a click. The downside of this was it was a lot of work for what amounted to be $7 a month. And they stopped paying me unless I kept adding articles. The Amazon Link is much more profitable, a few dollars instead of pennies. Thanks to everyone that spends time viewing the blogs and my website

A look back:

August 8, 2007 Post

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