Monday, April 21, 2014

A look back at the 113th Boston Marathon

My daughter will be running today in the 118th Boston Marathon

As part of my "Look back" series I'm posting some photos of her first Marathon in 2009. At that time no one would think anyone would do something as heinous as trigger a bomb in a crowd of people.

Meeting up with Emily in the Family Area
I plan to wear that hat today when we watch her race. It's a bit faded now

Looking pretty relaxed after running 26 miles

Waves for the crowd, just coming to the Finish Line

Not too shabby times

I suspect the police presence will be much higher in 2014

Always fun to see what kind of outfits some runners will wear

A running burger

A look at the finish line from Above

A sea of warming mylar blankets

Boarding the buses

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