Sunday, February 26, 2012

When software fails...

When software fails... it is painful

I found a box of slides the other day. I grabbed an old Optifilm 7500ISE slide scanner (2009 is OLD in computer years) and connected it to my computer running Windows 7.


I expected Windows to auto-detect it and download the appropriate driver but it didn't. The software on the installation disk didn't work as expected. Foolishly I went to the manufacturers support site which pointed me at a driver manager. After fiddling with that I got a pop up looking for money to make it work. Plustek Optifilm already a good sum of money from me in 2009, So I bailed out of the program.

All looked fine until I rebooted... and waited ... and waited etc.

After a few more failures I had the option of restoring to factory settings, minus the pictures, the music, documents programs, all those updates and patches, the videos etc.

They did provide some kind of backup utility before the re-format of the hard drive, the backup took 23 hours (really). I've yet to try to restore. I also need to go to Comcast and see what I can recover.

Wish me luck!

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