Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hooray for Amazon Cloud Player!

A while back I was a great advocate for Lala, a CD swapping and online music service. Later Apple bought them and killed their business which presumably was threatening their iTunes virtual monopoly.

In the last two weeks I lost a hard drive with ALL my music. Thankfully I had a backup but it made me think of how I liked having the music uploaded to a streaming service like Lala. I assumed Apple would use the technology they purchased to do a similar thing with iTunes.... NOPE!

This morning I got a message from Amazon about their cloud drive and cloud player. It has all the features that Lala had (except the 10 cent per song listen on website feature). It's integrated with iTunes and Media Player which means it will work with players and it's available with iPhones and Android device.

I know that I'm being a little too enthusiastic, but once again Amazon has come up with a solution that solves a problem as move into digital media from physical media. Check it out.

Amazon Cloud Player
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