Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'll admit it, cell phones are useful

I used to question the reason that anyone would want a cell phone. I once watched a woman attempt to make a right turn in her car while grasping the silly thing. She overcompensated and drove off the road. It never occurred to her to put it down and grab the wheel with both hands.

I'm a late adopter, so now that there are a number of smart phones that can anything, I'm finally getting the hang of which buttons I need to push to bring up the address book on our prehistoric Verizon phone.

But I will admit it, it comes in handy for calling for additional groceries and such, arranging meeting places and even for an emergency.

The various plans and phones confuse me and I have NO desire to have some 20 year old with a glowing blue ear tell me what I need at some dreadful kiosk at some dreadful mall. I like to do my own shopping online, take my time, do some research.

Amazon is aggregating a group of phones and service contracts in a single area. Here is the link:

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