Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts

Email is not the proper forum for discussion so I created a place-holder topic on this PUBLIC site to discuss the recent historic election of Scott Brown, a republican in the very blue state of Massachusetts. Keep it civil folks! I am the moderator of this blog and I can block comments that are off topic or nasty. The Democrats are already in a circular firing squad looking for someone to blame but this victory did not surprise me, even though I'm a bleeding heart liberal. I was upset with the special treatment that some of the senators got for supporting health care, or maybe jealous because our senator Jeanne Shaheen wasn't clever enough to hold out for more.

I still have hope for Obama's presidency, but I did detect a bit of back room Chicago style politicking. I didn't care for the secret meetings when I was "hoping" for the transparency and the online postings of legislation.

So weigh in with your opinions here instead of sending "reply to all" emails. If you are a big supporter of Brown, explain it to the rest of us since he is already being tapped for President 2012 with Palin. If you want to bash Obama, explain it. If you are a "Birther" I'll probably reject your comment. Have fun, and forego the email route.

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