Sunday, April 12, 2009

I forgot about that music!

Way back in the 1960’s there was a phenomena known as the “folk music revival”. Of course folk music never needed to be revived, but it managed to creep into the popular culture. My own introduction to this music goes back a lot longer, because I was fortunate enough to have a family that would sing old songs (it was folk music but I didn’t know it).

In those days, I would spend my lawn mowing money to purchase Kingston Trio Albums and later Tom Paxton, Ian and Sylvia, Bob Dylan et al. Now that I’ve become a big fan of online music I’ve started to revisit some of the early music from that era thanks to Lala. Instead of shelling out $3.98 for an album with 2 songs that I like (in 1960’s dollars) I’m creating playlists of songs that only cost a dime each (In recession dollars). One of my playlists is “Forgotten Music”. I’d like to share it with you:

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