Monday, March 16, 2009

Capital One “Convenience Checks”

Stop with these checks already! What do I have to do to convince this company to stop sending me blank checks with MY NAME on them? I’ve canceled my account (after I noted the interest rate would be 29.7%), I’ve informed the 3 credit agencies, dma choice and anything else I could find to stop it.

Consider how these BLANK checks are sitting in our mail boxes with our names on them. The envelopes are not inconspicuous with the prominent “Capital One” logo screaming out to thieves “Take me, cash me and stick the bill to the name pre-printed on the check”.

Of course the company assures us that we have zero liability if they are stolen or misused. I wondered about that a bit until I came across a small comment on the last page:

$0 fraud liability claims are subject to verification and investigation.

Isn’t that special? Unwanted checks arrive with MY NAME on them and the crack CSI team at Capital One will investigate if someone steals them. Sure they will!

I was going to include an online link to abuses but after finding so many horror stories, I’ve decided to leave this to you. Simply Google “Convenience Check Fraud” and stand back.

If you know anyway to stop these, please leave a comment.

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