Friday, February 27, 2009

Fannie Mae Eases Credit for home borrowers

I really wanted to blame George Bush for all our financial woes, but I was sent an article from 1999 that hints at the seeds of our current crisis:

Link is here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enthusiasm ?

What is it that you find enthusiasm for?

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm".

Henry David Thoreau

This is just so silly I needed to post it

So many distractions can be found on the internet. This one answers the question "What time is it anyway?

This came my way via Twitter, Send me a "tweet".

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twitter, Skype, TweetDeck Oh My!

Let’s face it, we don’t build stuff anymore. Our economy is in free fall but we are really only good at finding ways to be distracted. I’m as open to distractions as anyone else so I’m onboard with all the micro-blogging tools (as well as traditional blogs and forums).

I tweet, blog, set facebook status, chat, GTalk, Communicate with Communicator, but I no longer Jabber.

I’m LinkdIn, connected to my Facebook friends, EONS bound, but no Classmates for me… they ask for $$

So how does one deal with all this? Obviously you need a social aggregator program. I’m using Digsby.

The CEO of Twitter was on CSpan last night. He did not inspire awe. The audience looked comatose. I bet they were twittering each other. He mentioned that Twitter has a good search function but it is difficult to find. Can’t search for the search, amusing isn’t it?

So what does a techno-geek do? Add more software of course. I now have TweetDeck running besides Digsby and Skype. Tweetdeck has search, TwitPic and TwitScoop. Of course the big news today is the Oscars. Can you guess what the twitterers are tweeping about?

Take a look:


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Business Reply Mail Project


We all get the pre-paid envelopes for Credit Card offers, Surveys, Car Insurance and more. It is not easy to opt out of these mailings and maybe not such a good idea. The post office depends on the income generated from these first class mailings and we should take steps to help our post office financially. I would suggest that instead of packing the envelope with the original filler material, you include recipes, magazine articles, pictures of your dog or cat. The people that open these mailings do not have the best job. Imagine how it would brighten their day to receive an nice recipe for a Kielbasa and sauerkraut dish, or a nice family photo of the 3 cats. Or perhaps a donation of  grocery coupons. These folks at the mail processing facility will appreciate the chance to save some money. Times are tough.

When I do my reply business mailings to these organizations I've decided to include a link to this blog posting to facilitate a means of feedback between the public and the mail processors. I think the donated material should be either entertaining or useful.

If you are employed at one of these facilities and spend 8 hours or more a day opening mail, and appreciate the effort that we take in selecting items for you, add a comment (or request). Thanks for all you do!