Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey, Al Gore - give it back!






Here is the inconvenient truth... IT IS COLD! At least today!

Academy award? Nobel Peace Prize?

Give em back, please! I'm burning as much wood as possible, and hyperventilating to get the maximum amount of CO2 outside where it can do it's climate warming magic. Brrrrr!
I even found that a Google search releases some CO2 according to Harvard Environmental Fellow Alex Wissner-Gross Ph. D. As a guy who is who us getting tired of winter and a stockholder in Google, I would like to encourage everyone to undertake a massive Google search of Alex Wissner-Gross, Al Gore, Inconvenient Truth, Global Change, Carbon Credits, Polar Bears, Sun Spots, Potential Asteroid Impacts. Heat things up a little!

You have to do this, it keeps getting colder! This is the responsible thing to do.

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