Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Tax Plan vs McCain Tax Plan (and a comment about H1-B)

Surprise surprise.... we haven't be getting the full tax story. In the interest of fairness I'm including a link to a comparison of the 2 plans. This won't affect my vote, but the Obama has the higher tax plan and the dread "redistribution of wealth".

I have an issue about both candidates support of the H1-B visa program which has been a threat for my employment for quite a while. Both candidates support this program which addresses the "problem" of not having enough skilled American workers. It allows employers to hire "foreign" workers to fill this supposed lack of skilled workers. These workers come at a great cost savings for companies and correspond with layoffs. It won't change regardless of who is elected, but I needed to vent a bit and show that I'm not completely in the tank for Obama

Here is the Tax Plans Link:

Wall Street Journal Comparison of Tax Plans of McCain & Obama
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