Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Is Obama a Socialist?

I'm trying to figure whether Obama is Hitler or Stalin. Maybe he is "Mabus" the 3rd Anti-Christ? Stalin was a socialist, Hitler had the National Socialist Party... it gets so confusing.

Or perhaps he is terrorist, an Arab/Muslim (not that there is anything wrong with that), the "Manchurian Candidate", "The-One", a "Celebrity" or ...

Maybe the best candidate for President!

I admit I may be wrong, but I'm willing to take a chance, roll the dice, ignore Nostradamus and Steve Schmidt and his team.

I admit I need some enlightenment so I'm trying to get a handle on the charges against this man. I'm trying to understand the "socialist" label. I'm providing a link to his tax plan from his web site. In full disclosure, I'll admit that his plan will benefit me financially.

Link: Obama's Tax Plan

Pehaps the readers of the blog will explain how a progressive tax policy is socialism. I'm sure I'll get some spirited responses. We can tackle the"Mabus" issue in another posting.
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