Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo! Just in time for Halloween

I have been sent another email with a scary slideshow about what will happen under an Obama presidency (establishment of a Socialist State).
This was followed by an email from with a link to a "news" organization that alleged that Saddam Hussein help buy Obama's home.

What utter garbage. These are truly desparate times and I guess some people need to blame "that one"

Rather than clogging the email stream by replying, I thought I would provide a link to at least one of the sites. In the interest of balance I tried to find a bit about the group that produced the presentation. I discovered that they have a whole selection of scary movies and articles about Islamic terrorist and Mexicans. I'm suspicious of any presentation that I can't fact check but realized that it is almost Halloween, so as a public service I'm offering a link to some truly scary stuff.

Is it accurate? NO! Is it scary, with scary music? YES!

You have been warned!!!

Link: USA WakeUp Movies
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