Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights

Early this morning an intruder came onto our property with clear malicious intent. Angelika woke me from my sleep to alert me to the fact that he was here to rob us of the things are had worked hard and sweated over to earn. I immediately unlocked the gun cabinet and selected a highly accurate rifle which I keep at the ready for just such an emergency. Within seconds the trespasser was sent to his reward with a single shot. We left the body displayed in the yard for a time as a warning to others. Later he was unceremoniously buried in a shallow grave behind the Christmas trees in our field. In my estimation this was a fitting end to such a despicable character.

For weeks, Angelika has been complaining that something had been eating the green leafy stuff in our garden that was just approaching the optimal time for picking. Heads of lettuce and cabbage that had been carefully tended were disappearing before our eyes. Finally during her early morning workout, Angelika spotted the villain thru the window…a good sized and obviously well fed woodchuck.

My first attempt at ridding the world of this vermin failed when it was alerted to my presence as I took the screen off the window to take my shot. However, he was brazen enough to return the next morning and that turned out to be a fatal mistake.

For now, our garden is probably safe for another season. Unfortunately, we must be ever vigilant for the enemy is amongst us and will stop at nothing to obtain its ill gotten gain.
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