Monday, June 9, 2008

Vista, some good some bad

I like the look of Vista on my new computer but there are a few stupid "features" that have been implemented.

  1. What is with the defrag tool? In 2000 and XP you could analyze a disk before committing to running a lengthy defragmentation. In Vista they want you to schedule a defragmentation even if you don't need to. How silly.
  2. Bring back the 2000, XP backup that lets you CHOOSE what to backup. In Vista you can backup "images" and "music" and you will get every icon and sound on the stinking computer. I wish there was a way to actually see what is in the archive. I just backed up my entire music library by doing a simple copy, it was much faster and I know what is there.
  3. When I delete a large archive or directory, it takes a long time to analyze it to determine that it is too large for the recycle bin. Just give me a popup stating "Are you sure"... so much easier on us.

These are just the complaints. The good is that I can run a Raid 0 disk arrangement and it sees all of my 4 gig of memory.

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