Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please support the fight against stroke

My daughter Emily is going to participate in the Falmouth Road Race this August. Here are the details:

I’m training to run the 2008 Falmouth Race to benefit Tedy's Team! Your donations mean so much to me!

Through Tedy's Team, I have a coach, a team, training schedules, and special clinics – and I’m raising thousands of dollars for stroke research and education programs. That’s important, because someone suffers a stroke every 45 seconds and someone dies of one every 3.1 minutes. And 29 percent of people who have strokes are under age 65.

I’m asking for your support through your good thoughts and a generous contribution to the American Stroke Association. I am especially proud to run on behalf of many who’ve had a stroke and desperately need our help. You can run with me in spirit.

P.S. Your tax-deductible contribution, sent as soon as possible, is greatly appreciated! Every dollar makes a difference toward stroke research and education. If your company has a matching gift program, please send me the matching gift form along with your check – and potentially double your donation!

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