Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Better than a lawn

I wish I had kept better records. Over the years I would order fall bulbs from FEDCO and get a nice flower display in the Spring. Some of these have died out over the years but one variety has actually spread outside it's planting bed. I suspect it may be a Scillia Siberica (Alba). It does have a wild hyacinth appearance. After experiencing the winter that wouldn't leave,  these flowers were a most welcome sight.

Picture 1 (original plants)


Picture 2 (The "volunteers" spreading into the lawn)


Picture 3 (Detail of this delightful flower)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why am I fixing the attic stairs?

I thought of a song by Lou and Peter Berryman yesterday. I finally tackled my broken attic stairs chore which I have been avoiding for weeks. I chose Saturday because the weather prediction was for heavy rains. Once this task was underway with the help of my friend and I found myself in the attic, the sun broke through the clouds, the temperature soared and spring made it's appearance. In the confines of the attic I could hear the birds singing, flowers blooming and somewhere a bluegrass band playing along a bay. Here is segment of the lyrics.

"...Holes in the ozone the size of Brazil
Barges of trash in the chewable breeze
Pools of industrial wasteland paté
Sulfur dioxide dissolving the trees
Pretty soon it will all end with a boom
Why am I painting the living room?
I have the whole day off
Cause it's a Saturday
There is a bluegrass band
Somewhere along the bay
Look at the lilacs bloom
Why am I painting the living room?..."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Solution for veracity gap? another lie

"A lot of the way this whole campaign has been covered has amused me," he said. "But there was a lot of fulminating because Hillary, one time late at night when she was exhausted, misstated and immediately apologized for it, what happened to her in Bosnia in 1995. Did y'all see all that. Oh, they blew it up. Let me just tell you. The president of Bosnia and Gen. Wesley Clark -- who was there making peace where we'd lost three peacekeepers who had to ride on a dangerous mountain road because it was too dangerous to go the regular, safe way -- both defended her because they pointed out that when her plane landed in Bosnia, she had to go up to the bulletproof part of the plane, in the front. Everybody else had to put their flack jackets underneath the seat in case they got shot at. And everywhere they went they were covered by Apache helicopters. So they just abbreviated the arrival ceremony. Now I say that because, what really has mattered is that even then she was interested in our troops. And I think she was the first first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to go into a combat zone. And you woulda thought, you know, that she'd robbed a bank the way they carried on about this. And some of them when they're 60 they'll forget something when they're tired at 11:00 at night, too."

--Bill Clinton, Boonville Indiana (April 10,2008)

What is wrong with this couple? Are they unaware that they are under constant scrutiny by the press? Don't they realize that these comments are recorded for rebroadcast (and justified ridicule)?

I can only surmise that Bill does not want his wife to be president. He seems to be sabotaging her campaign, perhaps he is trying to  boost her image as a victim.


  • Hillary gave her "SniperGate" speech in the morning.
  • Pat Nixon visited Vietnam in 1969.
  • I'm 61 and I've never had a false memory of being shot at even at 11:00 pm.

If it's 3 am and the phone rings, I don't want a confused president.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

John Adams, Dick Cheney and the war

I have been watching the HBO series about John Adams based upon the book by David McCullough. I wonder what he would have to say about our present "leaders"

"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain." -- John Adams

"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war." -- John Adams

In the alternative universe that I share with two-thirds of Americans I had my sensibilities assailed by the VEEP's comments in an interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC. I am not including the video clip which captures Cheney's "concern" about our opinion because it has a negative affect on my health. The complete transcript of the interview may be found on http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/03/20080319-5.html. This is just the segment that makes us crazy.

Q Two-thirds of Americans say it was not worth fighting.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: They ought to go spend time, like you and I have, Martha. You know what's been happening in Iraq. You've been there as much as anybody. There has, in fact, been fundamental change and transformation, and improvement for the better. I think even you would admit that.

Q Let me go back to the Americans. Two-thirds of Americans say it's not worth fighting, and they're looking at the value gain versus the cost in American lives, certainly, and Iraqi lives.


Q So -- you don't care what the American people think?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: No, I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls. Think about what would have happened if Abraham Lincoln had paid attention to polls, if they had had polls during the Civil War. He never would have succeeded if he hadn't had a clear objective, a vision for where he wanted to go, and he was willing to withstand the slings and arrows of the political wars in order to get there. And this President has been very courageous, very consistent, very determined to continue down the course we were on and to achieve our objective. And that's victory in Iraq, that's the establishment of a democracy where there's never been a democracy, it's the establishment of a regime that respects the rights and liberties of their people, as an ally for the United States in the war against terror, and as a positive force for change in the Middle East. That's a huge accomplishment.

GW Bush as a Lincoln? Interesting idea

Cheney spent Wednesday, the 5th anniversary of the war, not mourning the dead, but fishing off the Sultan of Oman's royal yacht. So?

How is the war going?

In death and suffering:

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

In dollars and lost resources for our citizens

Cost of the Iraq War