Sunday, October 21, 2007

What is the power rating of a GE Model 4JA7011FX182?

I recently attended a yard sale being held by the Mason NH Conservation Commission. They were selling the contents of the home/workshop of Mason resident and inventor Bronson Potter. Bronson died in 2004.

Bronson was a bit of an eccentric and was quite well known for various "stunts" including flying a plane under the Greenville NH Train trestle.

As expected there was quite a selection of unusual items. I picked up a solar panel which unfortunately seems to be defective, a fire extinquisher (which hopefully is not defective) and a pair of what appear to be high power rectifier stacks. I thought it would be a trivial matter to look up the rating of the rectifiers on the web but thus far I have been unsuccessful.

The Rectifier stack is marked as model 4JA7011FX182 and the diode is marked GE A74FX197. I assuming that it is a high current device because of the presence of a large heat sink.

I don't know why I purchased this stuff. I already have my own collection that my poor children will have to dispose of. The yard sale had none of the usual items. No clothes, furniture, dishes or exercise bikes. There were toys but they seemed to be the raw material for inventions. There was a box of homemade electronic devices that made sounds like birds. I took a photo that I think is representative of the wares being offered for sale.